Are sports putting to much pressure on Kids?

It is very Important kids are involved in Sports. The kids are our future no matter what. The case in no difference in sports. A lot of parents think it is a good idea to have kids enrolled in sports. I happen to agree with this point. At a young age it is good that they are interested in sports as long as at is done healthily. They can be confidants and learn many great values in sports. (webmd, N.D)

The problem lies in the parents that put too much pressure on the kids that they get discouraged from the sport and quit. It happens way too much especially with the kids that have their parents as coaches. they think if they make a mistake either their parents or coach will yell at them. this is crucial information the pressure is too high at a young age. (changingthegameproject, N.D)

I do think that professional sports should actively pursue kids, but there is a right time to do it. If you are looking for kids under the age of 14 you may want to stop because that is when they are at their most fragile and can make or break their confident’s

Another thing is as parents they should set a god example. When parents are yelling and screaming on the sidelines it is more likely the kid will copy this behavior. This is not good and means the future of sports could end up being more violent than ever. For example of a bad impression on their kids check out a little bit of this video.


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