Is there enough time for sports?

We all know that the relationship between leisure time and sports is a great one. The environment and social part of the game is what so many people love. There is just something about taking your family to the game that gives you an experience almost nothing else can.

The amount of leisure or free time has slowly decreased over the past years for sports. A big reason for this I believe is the struggle with the economy. With people being more careful with their money they are less likely to spend money on activities like a sports game when they can just watch it at home. NASCAR is great example of this. Since the economy started to slip so did NASCAR and it seems like they still have not recovered from it today. The rating are down and sales are not great. (, 2016)

It is coming more apparent that staying at home to watch movies on Netflix or cable are more appealing then spending money to go see a game. As you can see in this website it points out where our leisure time is spent. 2.8 hours is spent watching television while 1.8 is still to do with sports this number is still lower than television by a fair bit as well.(statisticbrain, N.D.) I believe this is a reason why sports marketing is suffering a little bit.

One other thing that I think has a major influence on the leisure time of sports is the new technology we have. So many people are starting to be glued to their cellphone or Facebook. just to give you an idea check out this video (


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