Super bowl commercials the studs and the duds

The commercial I found the most entertaining goes to coke and its “here brother” commercial. Yes, Coke has somehow done it once again and captured an emotionally satisfying performance. In the commercial Coke has the older brother teasing the younger sibling, I know in my experience this is what my brother did to me and it was non-stop. Although brothers like to tease and pick on you, the majority of the time they are the first ones to stick up or protect you when other people are doing it. I am not the only with this opinion. Just take the Staal brothers for example in this article Jordan Staal says “It was pretty intense — a few elbows thrown, some sticks thrown across the rink and stuff”(espn.go, 2007) Yet when his brother Erik won the Stanley cup the first people to get to see it was his brothers.  Coke made a commercial that could connect with all the brothers. This was a genius marketing technique because they are such a family oriented and nostalgic company.

Now that we have covered the stud lets take a look at a dud. The snickers commercial I thought was one of the worst. The overall commercial itself although it was funny, we have seen this exact commercial so many times. This is a Superbowl when your company is supposed to step your game up and make you commercial to be the one to remember. I had actually forgotten that snickers even had a commercial at the end of the game. This is a bad sign seeing as how on average a Superbowl commercial cost about 5 million dollars for about 30 seconds.(heavy, 2016) I found this ad to be the least effective. I am not sure what snickers was thinking spending this much money to put on a regular ad we have all seen before. I feel like they may not make their money back on this one. I do not see their sales going up drastically.

So now on  to  comparing the ads. On one hand you have Coke who used the sound effect in as their technique. They had some very dramatic music in the background to set the mood. This was done very well because it made you feel connected with the characters in the commercial without even using dialogue. On the other hand, you have snickers who had very famous people in their ad, however even with these big names, I do not think they were able to capture the response they wanted. I understand they were trying to use repetition, but I think it actually worked against them in this case. For me I did not find this funny anymore and I really just ignored the commercial. Here is another ad by snickers to show you that the add was so similar and made the Superbowl commercial feel like just another boring or dull commercial.   I actually even think this snickers commercial was better done than the one at the Superbowl.

For my studs. I will have to say the top 3 commercials at SuerBowl 16 were Coke “hey brother” Hyundai with Kevin Hart for putting humour in the advertisement that their target demographic will appreciate, and lastly the Prius for going out of their comfort zone showing that a Prius can be for more people than just the older demographic they are used to.  For snickers sorry you were the least entertaining and the least effective I found. The commercial was just an average ad and did not do enough to draw me in.


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Are sports putting to much pressure on Kids?

It is very Important kids are involved in Sports. The kids are our future no matter what. The case in no difference in sports. A lot of parents think it is a good idea to have kids enrolled in sports. I happen to agree with this point. At a young age it is good that they are interested in sports as long as at is done healthily. They can be confidants and learn many great values in sports. (webmd, N.D)

The problem lies in the parents that put too much pressure on the kids that they get discouraged from the sport and quit. It happens way too much especially with the kids that have their parents as coaches. they think if they make a mistake either their parents or coach will yell at them. this is crucial information the pressure is too high at a young age. (changingthegameproject, N.D)

I do think that professional sports should actively pursue kids, but there is a right time to do it. If you are looking for kids under the age of 14 you may want to stop because that is when they are at their most fragile and can make or break their confident’s

Another thing is as parents they should set a god example. When parents are yelling and screaming on the sidelines it is more likely the kid will copy this behavior. This is not good and means the future of sports could end up being more violent than ever. For example of a bad impression on their kids check out a little bit of this video.


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Is there enough time for sports?

We all know that the relationship between leisure time and sports is a great one. The environment and social part of the game is what so many people love. There is just something about taking your family to the game that gives you an experience almost nothing else can.

The amount of leisure or free time has slowly decreased over the past years for sports. A big reason for this I believe is the struggle with the economy. With people being more careful with their money they are less likely to spend money on activities like a sports game when they can just watch it at home. NASCAR is great example of this. Since the economy started to slip so did NASCAR and it seems like they still have not recovered from it today. The rating are down and sales are not great. (, 2016)

It is coming more apparent that staying at home to watch movies on Netflix or cable are more appealing then spending money to go see a game. As you can see in this website it points out where our leisure time is spent. 2.8 hours is spent watching television while 1.8 is still to do with sports this number is still lower than television by a fair bit as well.(statisticbrain, N.D.) I believe this is a reason why sports marketing is suffering a little bit.

One other thing that I think has a major influence on the leisure time of sports is the new technology we have. So many people are starting to be glued to their cellphone or Facebook. just to give you an idea check out this video (


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