Sports Marketing and Syrian Refugees

The book defines Sports Marketing as “the use of marketing for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging sports experiences that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society.” (Fetchko, 2013) In simpler terms Sports marketing is when you use the love of sports to promote products or players and the community will follow, and keep track of what is going on.

I believe that Sports Marketing is when you are able to make a sport or player so popular you can actually start making money off promoting it such as Michael Jordan shoes, or Sydney Crosby hockey sticks. It has to have enough buzz around it, so that people adjust their lives to keep themselves updated on what is current. We see an example of this all the time when people buy apps for their phones to keep updated with games when at work or in a career.

Syrian refugees will probably be in a little bit of a shock when they learn about Sports Marketing. Since the cultures are very different. This phenomenon with Sports Marketing could be very different than what they are used to. Because this is entertainment and people are getting paid to participate in it they may not completely understand at first what Sports Marketing is because in Syria so much violence is going on (Syria: the story of the conflict, 2015) and they have never had time for entertainment to be this prevalent as a job opportunity.

To describe Sports marketing to a new North American. I would tell them that Sports for us is kind of like a religion and we try and follow all the rules and take pride in what our favorite team does, if it is a positive. I would also tell them that Sports Marketing has become a career just as relevant as accounting or any other business.


Syria: the story of conflict-BBC News. 2015. Retrieved January 24,2016 from http://bbc.comnews/world-middle-east26116868

Fetchko, M.J.,Roy,D.P. & K.E. (2013). Sports marketing. Boston: Pearson






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